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Diy All Paster 8 Channel Digital Responder Kit Answering Machine Module Kit

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Description: The circuit includes responder, coding, priority, latch, digital display and reset circuit


16 feet for power supply, 8 feet for power supply negative

555 and peripheral circuits constitute the Responder circuit

After reset, display cleared, can continue to answer

After the successful response, the display will not change unless the reset key is pressed

Among them, 1, 2, 6 and 7 are BCD code input terminals, 9-15 pins are display output terminals, 3 pins LT are test output terminals

At the end, when the LE is changed from '0' to '1' the output terminal keeps the display state of LE at 0

At the same time light emitting diode shows the number of the priority response

At the same time, the eight-way priority response can be carried out

CD4511 is an integrated circuit with BCD-7 segment latch/decode/drive circuit

Digital display is composed of light emitting diodes pay attention to polarity when welding, one end of two white lines on PCB board is negative pole

S1-S8 is the answer key, and S9 is the reset key

Size 80 x 60mm Material double side 1.6mm FR-4 sheet Package Included 1 x DIY All Paster 8 Channel Digital Responder Kit

When 'LT' is 0, all outputs are 1, 4 pins BI as blanking terminals, and when BI is 0, all outputs are 0 and 5 pins LE are latch permissible

When the button is pressed, the buzzer sounds