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Men's Ugly Christmas Sweater Romper

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STRETCH FOR DAYSOh, Christmas time..


And there is oh so much pie, cookies, Christmas candy..

BUT, this stretchy romper is just perfect for when those jeans get too tight.FUN DETAILSThis fun and festive men's ugly Christmas sweater romper is made of 100 polyester in a fun Christmas print

But when unbuttoning becomes unzipping..

But you cannot pass up all those delicious homemade treats! What are you going to do !Psstt..

Comfy, stretchy, full of good cheer and well, food

Fun and festive and you can drink even nbsp more eggnog

It is still fabric and if you eat too many cookies..

So many snacks..

That's how to make for a perfect Christmas party!UNBUTTON OR UNZIP Just so everyone knows we are all in support of that extra ham, nbsp and potatoes, and cookies, and pie..

This romper has a zipper closure in the front, which is equally helpful if you have had a little too much eggnog along with those cookies

We have a solution for you! Get this men's ugly Christmas sweater romper and you can eat until your heart's content! Well, maybe don't push the stretchy fabric too far

What more could you want nbsp nbsp

You do not have to worry about a button breaking off because you had just a little too many cookies..

All so delicious! But your jeans were too tight and stopped fitting after the ham and potatoes, from the first round

Cheese and crackers, yum! And then the large abundant meals, potatoes, ham, corn, Grandma's secret recipes..


That is right when you need this men's ugly Christmas sweater romper

Well, you don't want nbsp to be showing all that off all night