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Gothic Vampire Boys Costume

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Original GothWhen your kiddo said they were "getting into goth," you were probably slightly annoyed, expecting dark eye makeup, long jagged cut hair, some depressing music, and maybe new black drapes in their room


And we think a rookie goth like your kid will dig it, too!Fun DetailsNot to mention, gothic vampires have the best sense of fashion around

But to your surprise, they meant gothic mdash as in, Bram Stoker, Mary Shelley rsquo s Frankenstein, and especially elaborate flying buttresses on large stone cathedrals

Finally, to finish the look, is a silver gothic medallion with red rhinestones in the middle

How posh

If your kiddo wants to explore gothic themes a little bit, what rsquo s better than the original source of all things vampiric Bram laid it all out in his book, and we've got to say, the original is still the best! This famous vampire can still go out in day time and trick people into following his orders

It secures around the shoulders with a silver chain and two buttons and honestly, it just looks so cool

It rsquo s a pretty strong set of powers

Most importantly, the black cape is lined with purple on the inside and features a large foam collar

Regardless, we rsquo re certain that he rsquo ll love exploring gothic themes in this great costume

So maybe your child is a budding literary theorist or art historian

So, in that case, pick up this amazing looking Kids rsquo Gothic Vampire Costume for them to let them know that no matter what they rsquo re into, you support them!Seriously

Take this outfit, for example! A maroon, velvet-like, double-breasted vest with attached sleeves are just the start! A white dickie buttons at the top, and the black pants have an elastic waistband to fit for comfort

Trust us, we rsquo re as surprised as you

We can see why your kid is into this whole gothic thing!Just A PhaseSure, it's a little unusual of a phase for a kid to go through, but hey, it is also pretty academic, if you really think about it